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  1. Bad Bad News
  2. It Can't Be True
  3. Opportunity
  4. Tell Her
  5. A Little More Homework
  6. All Hail the Brain
  7. Any Minute
  8. Being a Geek
  9. Big Day
  10. Brand New You
  11. Get Me What I Need
  12. Getting Ready
  13. Good Enough
  14. Here I Come
  15. Hey Kendra
  16. If That's What It Is
  17. Its Own Sun
  18. Janu Are
  19. Sure As Debt
  20. The Lamest Place in the World
  21. Thirteen/Becoming A Man
  22. Unyoung
  23. What It Means To Be A Friend

Thirteen or 13 may refer to: 13 (number), the natural number following 12 and preceding 14 One of the years 13 BC, AD 13, 1913, 2013

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