Lyrics by 1200 Micrograms

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  1. 1001 Arabian Nights
  2. Acid For Nothing
  3. Africa
  4. Are You Ready
  5. Ayahuasca
  6. C Of Tranquility
  7. Changa (Flute Intro)
  8. Cling On
  9. Crystal Skulls
  10. Dmt
  11. Dna
  12. E=mc²
  13. Ecstasy
  14. Egypt
  15. Egypt (Land Of The Pharoahs)
  16. Full Moon Madness
  17. Garden Of Eden
  18. Glories Of Greece
  19. God Of Rock
  20. Greece
  21. Hashish
  22. High Paradise
  23. India
  24. It Starts With A Whisper
  25. Language Of The Future
  26. Let It Roll
  27. LSD
  28. Magic Mushroom
  29. Marijuana
  30. Mescaline
  31. Renaissance Superman
  32. River Trance
  33. Rock To The Future
  34. Running Out Of Time
  35. Salvia Divinorum
  36. Shiva's India
  37. Speed Of Light
  38. Stoned Henge
  39. The Apocalypse
  40. The Changa Zone
  41. The Cosmologist
  42. The Creation
  43. The Japanese Experiment
  44. The Mayans
  45. The Mayans, Incas & Aztecs
  46. The Next Dimension
  47. We Are Not Alone
  48. WWW.

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