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  1. Drawer
  2. But it's Destiny (우연인 듯 운명)
  3. Lean On Me
  4. My Eyes
  5. Stalker (스토커)
  6. 새벽 4시
  7. Love In The Milky Way Cafe
  8. Perfect
  9. Stars
  10. Tonight, I'm Afraid Of The Dark
  11. 우정, 그 씁쓸함에 대하여
  12. 죽겠네
  13. 4:00 A.M.
  14. Americano
  15. Beautiful
  16. Beautiful Moon
  17. Before Our Night Is Over
  18. Borrow Your Night (이 밤을 빌려 말해요)
  19. But I’m Sleepy
  20. Bye Babe
  21. Caress (Sseudam Sseudam)
  22. Condition
  23. Corona
  24. Curly Hair (곱슬머리)
  25. Destiny Like A Coincidence
  26. Do You Think Of Me? (방에 모기가 있어)
  27. Don't Let Me Go
  28. Earthling ( 지구인)
  29. Everything
  30. For Love
  31. Give Me A Hug
  32. Go Back (고백)
  33. Good Morning (굿모닝) (feat. Verbal Jint)
  34. Good Night
  35. Gradation (그라데이션)
  36. Healing
  37. Help
  38. Hey Billy
  39. Hotel Room
  40. However
  41. Huge Me
  42. I Really Like You (니가 참 좋아)
  43. I Will Do My Best (열심히 할게)
  44. I'm Fine Thank You And You?
  45. I'm Missing You (보고 싶다)
  46. I'm Nothing Without You
  47. If You Come
  48. Island
  49. It's So Nice
  50. It’s Snowing
  51. Just 10 centimeters (딱 10CM만) (feat. Big Naughty)
  52. Kingstar
  53. Lonely Night (feat Kwon Jin Ah)
  54. Love Is Falling In Drops
  55. Mattress (매트리스)
  56. Mind (마음)
  57. Missing You
  58. Mourning (애상)
  59. Now Here's Enough (이제.여기서.그만)
  60. October Rain
  61. Oh Yeah (오예)
  62. Pause
  63. Pet
  64. Phonecert
  65. Please Don't Stop Your Singing
  66. Rebirth
  67. Red Dragonfly (고추잠자리)
  68. Sleepless In Seoul (feat. Lee Suhyun)
  69. Smelly Girl (냄새나는 여자)
  70. SO CUTE (귀여워) (feat. STAR)
  71. So... (그러니까…)
  72. Softness (살)
  73. Sorrow
  74. Storage (with Galaxy Fan)
  75. Talk
  76. That 5 Minutes
  77. That's Not
  78. The Han's Farewell (한강의 작별)
  79. There’s No Way
  80. Tight
  81. Tonight (오늘밤에)
  82. Undercover Lovers (비밀연애)
  83. Wake-Up Call (모닝콜)
  84. What The Spring?
  85. Where Is Dream
  86. Winter Breath
  87. Yesterday You Left Me (어제 너는 나를 버렸어)
  88. You And Me (그대와 나)
  89. Your Flowers
  90. Tell Me It's Not a Dream (고장난걸까)
  91. Tiramisu Cake (티라미수 케익)
  92. Late Night Walk (너랑 밤새고 싶어)
  93. Spring Snow (봄눈)

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