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  1. (Walk?) Their Path
  2. Angel Strike Man
  3. Arctic
  4. Ashes/Dust
  5. Being Or Body?
  6. Blood
  7. Curse Of Instinct
  8. Death Comes Ripping
  9. Deathbed
  10. Gopinath
  11. Govinda-Virahena
  12. Grow
  13. Holyname
  14. Hopeless
  15. Hostage: I
  16. I Am Not
  17. Idefy
  18. Invocation
  19. Killer Of The Soul
  20. Liar
  21. Mantra Six
  22. Noonenomore
  23. Opposition
  24. Our Kind
  25. Pale
  26. Panic
  27. Pyro Stoke
  28. Repeat
  29. Request Denied
  30. Scandal
  31. Serve And Defy
  32. Shun The Mask
  33. Slave
  34. Solitary
  35. Son Of Nanda
  36. Strength And Fear
  37. The Sad Truth
  38. Thirst
  39. Thorn
  40. Weapon
  41. When Death Closes Your Eyes
  42. Woman

108 may refer to: 108 (number) AD 108, a year 108 BC, a year 108 (artist) (born 1978), Italian street artist 108 (band), an American hardcore band 108 (emergency telephone number), an emergency telephone number in several states in India 108 (Lost) 108 (MBTA bus), a bus route in Boston, Massachusetts, US 108 (New Jersey bus), a bus route in Newark, New Jersey, US Peugeot 108, a city car. 108 Heroes, the famous set of outlaws from Water Margin 108 Hecuba, a main-belt asteroid

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