Lyrics by 100th and May

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  1. A Real Boy
  2. April Weather
  3. Breathe In
  4. Carolee
  5. Dancing For Dreams
  6. Go Down In A Fight
  7. Good
  8. Goodbye to New Orleans
  9. Her Wish
  10. I'll Always Love You
  11. It's So You
  12. My best friend
  13. My Darling, Please
  14. New York In The Winter
  15. Not goin back
  16. Sing me a song
  17. Stars take me
  18. Step Towards You
  19. Taylor's Song
  20. Thanks For A Good Time
  21. That's Just What We Do
  22. The Words We Speak
  23. To:The Love of my Life
  24. When I See You (The Brandon Day Song)
  25. Who I Am
  26. Wishes

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