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  1. The Monkey Song
  2. 38 Special
  3. Arizona
  4. Clippity Clop
  5. Doce face
  6. Drunken Waltz
  7. Future Radio
  8. Grocery Store no More
  9. Gus
  10. Honky Tonk Porcupine
  11. Invisable Monsters
  12. Jello
  13. Junkie
  14. Keep Awake
  15. Kolpix
  16. LDF
  17. Long Distance Phone Call
  18. Looker
  19. Made of Gold
  20. Orson Brawl
  21. Poison Oak
  22. Reaper
  23. Robot Timberwolves
  24. Shock and Fright
  25. Sleeping Giants
  26. Small Lean
  27. Smoke
  28. Smoke (Jackson Version)
  29. Sweetface
  30. Ugly girl
  31. Wings on Fire

The 100 Monkeys was an independent funk rock band from Los Angeles, California. The members of the group, from 2008 until their disbandment in 2012, were Ben Graupner, Jackson Rathbone, Jerad Anderson, Ben Johnson, and Lawrence Abrams. The band name comes from the idea of the "hundredth monkey effect".

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