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(Waiting For) the New Light 359
20th Century 371
A Victory of Love 395
About a Heart 241
Ain't It Strange? 436
All in the Golden Afternoon 348
And As For Love 388
And I Wonder 272
Anyway 224
Apollo 238
Around the Universe 214
Ascension Day 361
Astral Body 422
Because of You 188
Big In Japan 348
Big Yellow Sun 344
Bitch 236
Burning Wheels 289
Carry Your Flag 443
Change The World 387
Control 439
Dance With Me 205
Danger in Your Paradise 413
Dangerous Places 224
Demon Eyes 381
Dream Machine 270
Duel 384
Elegy 270
Elevator 277
Faith 423
Fallen Angel 276
Fantastic Dream 263
Five Years 213
Flame 277
Fools 338
For a Million 426
For the Sake of Love 234
Forever Young 377
Girl From Pachacamac 366
Golden Feeling 317
Guardian Angel 420
Headlines 416
Heart of the Flower 435
Heartbreaker 397
Heaven Or Hell 362
Here By Your Side 290
Hey Charles! 379
Highschool Confidential 362
Hurricane 385
I'll Die For You Today 405
If the Audience Was Listening 215
Impossible Dream 355
In Bubblegum 439
In the Mood 259
Inside Out 404
Into the Dark 405
Jerusalem 327
Jet Set 354
Lady Bright 397
Lassie Come Home 315
Legend 250
Lies 237
Life Is King 262
Life On Mars? 314
Like Thunder 384
London Sky 197
Mercury Girl 341
Middle Of The Riddle 317
Miracle Healing 209
Missionary 224
Monkey In The Moon 234
Montego Bay 295
Moongirl 425
Mysteries of Love 330
New Horizons 345
Next Generation 281
Nostradamus 341
Oh Patti 230
On Islands 237
One Step Behind You 254
Pandora's Lullaby 377
Parade 380
Paradigm Shift 224
Peace On Earth 305
Point of Know Return 428
Point of no Return 226
Private Plane 312
Recycling 225
Red Rose 306
Return to Paradise I/II 404
Roll Away the Stone 201
Romance 382
Romeos 298
Say It Ain't So, Joe 289
Script of a Dead Poet 422
Scum of the Earth 370
Seeds 263
Sensations 434
Shadows She Said 434
She Fades Away 189
Ship of Fools 237
Sirens 313
Sister Sun 309
Some People 191
Something 252
Song For no One But Myself 243
Soul Messiah 314
Soulman 245
Sounds Like a Melody 425
Spirit of the Age 377
State of Dreams 290
Still Falls the Rain 326
Summer in Berlin 311
Summer Rain 294
Swallow Paradise 231
Sweet Dreams 375
Sweet Needles of Success 277
Ta Ett Foersta Steg 347
The Elevator 294
The End 207
The Impossible Dream 404
The Jet Set 268
The Mysteries of Love 362
The One Thing 415
The Other Side of You 426
The Shape of Things to Come 192
The Voyager 207
The Words That Make Me 335
Those Wer 231
Those Wonderful Things 350
Thunder & Lightning 375
To Germany With Love 360
To the Underworld 232
Today 383
Twenth Century 295
Underworld 226
Universal Daddy 190
Upside Down 406
Victory of Love 337
Wake Up! 281
Waves 315
Ways 200
Welcome to the Sun 303
Whales 308
Wishful Thinking 231
Wonderboy 358
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