Lyrics of 'Power' by Little Simz

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Got the power in my hands, now I can feel it
If you're lookin' for the truth, then motherfucker, I'm the realest
See them bitin' what I'm on so do not ask me if I piqued here
If I said that I'm the greatest then I mean it, mean it (yeah)

I've been buildin' a new mansion up on Venus
Long time comin' for this shit, now we lit
They gon' have to mention all the crazy shit we did (hey)
Let the verse play, don't wheel it (No, no)

No, they never understandin' how I do this
With my words like butter, motherfucker, I'm the smoothest
Gotta keep my circle tight, I'm only rollin' with the fewest
Like, I don't fuck with that boy, he a Judas, Judas (yeah)

Now the master from a student
No more questionin' my worth, ain't gotta prove it (no)
Head hot, say the wrong thing, might lose it
But I'ma always channel through the music, music

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