Lyrics of 'Subliminal Fascism' by Fishbone

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People got problems that they can't work out
So there sense cracks
I read the paper and I watch the news it don't give me the blues
It just gives me the blacks
Starvation on the radio
They don't play the facts
They play the crackerjacks
Subliminal Fascism gettin' under your skin so you better wake up US
Well the bad gets worse
Too fucked up
And the hate grows more each day
So when the infected try to effect you
Don't listen to them when they say
Follow the rules and forget the bomb
Communistical patriotic
The plan is subtle but it's in the open
Kingpins Nazi scheme getting under your skin
So you better wake up US
Subliminal Fascism
Subliminal Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascist

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