Lyrics of 'Premadawnutt' by Fishbone

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Seems like you don't really care and you never really did
Maybe it all started back when you was a kid
And not a whole helluva lot has changed from then until now
But the illuminated speak of a voice that goes pow

Seems like it's been a long night, in the premadawn
Now that you've showed your ass, seems like all the lights are on

Excuse me, am I tripping over your ego or mine
Or is it out your ass that the sun does shine
Does the sun rise and shine out of your behind
Excuse me, am I tripping over your ego or mine

Actions speak volumes that words can't express
Being sad in the cosm, or fearing the rest
Run for Goliath, and jam for the weaker
Lost your headlight and came back with no speakers

I can see clearly now, just like the light of day
You showed your ass, and suddenly I have found my way


It's so deep, the one that you love or the one that you constantly beat
And you sit there and wonder why everyone's in retreat
Every action you take is connected
There's no way to delete, the deceit
The way that you treat people
Illuminate your conceit, until it can fit and make it complete

Hoo-ha, prema
Hoo-ha, dawnutt [X3]


Hoo-ha, prema
Hoo-ha, dawnutt [X3]


Hoo-ha, prema
Hoo-ha, dawnutt [X3]

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