Lyrics of 'Enigmatic Love' by Fabby

I prayed so much begging for salvation
Now I feel better away from the rotten religions
You took care of me, brushed my long red hair
Protected me in white makeup, poison, poison
A virgin deity character of myself

Elizabeth prepares for another battle
Kat Ashley cried while cutting my beautiful hair
You kissed my hands, idolatry, love, devotion
Many in me, me in you, would the end be the beginning?

Janis Joplin loves you and just wanted to hear a compliment from you
Gate separates us, that timeline I crossed
I held back me Linda Gravenites, you was dance so free Tania
Be careful what you think and say my beloved
I've been told that my gaze hypnotizes

Art unites us, my enigmatic
You know I always wanted to decipher your mystery
Why is it that nobody can appease my desire?
Wild mare runs in a run
Cosmos crumbles, flaming skies
As my wish on the golden throne

In the chambers of untouched secrets
Between veils, velvet, candlesticks in the dark
Gloomy castle among glowing candles
Witnessing our endless orgies
Music invades me, sing, dance, enjoy for the Queen

Simone I miss you friend
Your voice calms me down
I love you so much
My love of many lives

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