Lyrics of 'Cosmetic' by F-Minus

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Obsessed with the images
Of how your lives should be.
You take the bait.
Wasting your time running from time.
Dreading the mirror's gaze.

There's an agency
Hiding behind your worst fears
And your working for them.
But we've got the power
And we got the vision
To see through the bullshit.

Hate yourself
Cause they tell you that
You'll never really measure up.
The pressures on from the outside in.
And you know they don't care
How you live or how you die,
As long as a sale is made.

But we know better
Cause we can see beauty
From the inside out.
Wasting your time,
Running from time.
Wasting your time,
You take the bait.
Wasting your time,
You work for them.
Wasting your time,
Fuck 'em.

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