Songs by B.T.O.

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A Long Time For a Little While 201
Average Man 118
Away From Home 314
Blown 124
Blue Collar 158
Blue Moanin' 294
Can We All Come Together 319
Can't Go Back To Memphis 221
Don't Get Yourself In Trouble 230
Don't Let The Blues Get You Down 232
Down And Out Man 74
Down The Road 105
Down To The Line 101
Down, Down 254
Easy Groove 248
Find Some Love 203
Flat Broke Love 251
For The Weekend 156
Four Wheel Drive 265
Freeways 165
Gimme Your Money Please 147
Give It Time 158
Givin' It All Away 179
Heartaches 279
Hey You 92
Hold Back The Water 162
I Don't Have To Hide 178
I'm In Love 210
I've Seen The Light 86
It's Over 304
Jamaica 188
Just For You 314
Let It Ride 263
Life Still Goes On (I'm Lonely) 264
Little Gandy Dancer 267
Looking Out For Number One 76
Lost In a Fantasy 241
Lowland Fling 161
Moonlight Rider 309
My Sugaree 162
My Wheels Won't Turn 96
Neutral Zone 84
Not Fragile 282
Out About Love 171
Quick Change Artist 308
Repo Man 73
Rock 'N Roll Is The Only Way Out 116
Rock Is My Life, And This Is My Song 182
Rock N' Roll Nights 147
Roll On Down The Highway 173
Rollin' Along 104
Second Hand 202
She's a Devil 93
She's Keepin' Time 220
Shotgun Rider 202
Slave To The Rhythm 228
Sledgehammer 234
Stay Alive 250
Stayed Awake All Night 206
Stonegates 320
Street Action 233
Take It Like a Man 303
Takin' Care of Business 145
Thank You For The Feelin' 212
That's What It Is 135
The House Of The Rising Sun 254
The Letter 303
Traffic Jam 292
Tramp 151
Trial By Fire 105
Waiting Game 185
Welcome Home 92
Wild Spirit 155
Woncha Take Me For a While 297
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet 286
You're Gonna Miss Me 274
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