Lyrics of "Sempre Kiss" by About

Do you want to know the lyrics of Sempre Kiss by About? You're in the right place. Here we have the complete lyrics to the About song you were looking for. Sempre Kiss is a song by About whose lyrics have countless searches, so we have decided that it deserves to have its place on this website, along with many other song lyrics that netizens want to know. So we hope you can enjoy the lyrics to the song Sempre Kiss by About, here you have it.

Sempre Kiss lyrics

There are many reasons to want to know the lyrics of Sempre Kiss by About. The most common one is that you really like Sempre Kiss. When we really like a song we want to be able to sing it knowing the lyrics well, because that allows us to put more feeling in the interpretation. That's why we hope that if your reason for looking for the lyrics of the song Sempre Kiss has been this one, you can enjoy singing it, and that even if you don't sing it in concert with an audience as big as About, you will feel equally wonderful doing it.

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