Lyrics by 2 A.M.

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  1. Waratte Agerarenakute Gomen
  2. 1 More Second
  3. A Friend's Confession
  4. Although You've Turned Around For Now
  5. Beat Separation
  6. Best Separation
  7. Bleeding
  8. Can't Let You Go Even If i Die
  9. Chinguui Gobaeg (confession Of a Friend)
  10. Don't Say Goodbye
  11. Erase All Our Memories
  12. Graduation
  13. How To Break Up Well
  14. I Did Wrong
  15. I Norae
  16. I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me
  17. I'm Sorry i Can't Laugh For You
  18. Intro
  19. Like a Fool
  20. Lost
  21. Nervous
  22. No More
  23. No.1
  24. Not Because
  25. One More Second
  26. One Night Alone With You
  27. The Best Love
  28. This Song
  29. To Her
  30. Was Not
  31. What do i Do
  32. Won't Let You Go Even If i Die
  33. Wonder If You Like Me
  34. You Were Mine

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