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People talk about the way I dance dance dance
They think it's funny when I lift my hands hands hands
All the things I've been going thru'(I'm telling you) if you only knew,
This joy is real,something you can feel.
All my heartaches and my heartbreaks I thought I couldn't take you were there;
Holding me and molding me, reminding me that you care
Along time(never coming at the wrong time, always there and that's a long time)
I'm not ashamed,can't help but wanna praise your name

No matter what the people may say
You can praise Him anyway
You may have to cry sometimes
But He promised it will be alright
My brother if you'd just hold on
All this pain will soon be gone
Can't nobody nobody nobody do me like you do me
Nobody nobody

Can't nobodyu love me like you
Give me joy like the way you do
When I'm alone and my faith's gone,I heard "be strong", I knew it was you
A spiritual love affair,Knows how much I can bear
Can't nobody(echo) nobody(echo) nobody(echo) nobody


[Spanish Chant]

Nobody no nobody no nobody no no... [x3]

What the deal now? Holy spirit you can feel now
Cats they wanna keep it real now
But love is spiritual I'm giving you knowlege because it's critical and lyrical
You know I'm on your heels now
I won't stop, I can't stop cos you know His grace and mercy it will never drop
Who flop? (not me)
To Metropolis, ain't stopping this, ain't no popping this, all my people,
Who be rocking this


Nobody no... [till fade]

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